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sreda, september 14, 2016

Skopje and boxer braids

One of the things I love the most in this world is "vibe of Čaršija". 

I am proud to say that I have some bosnian blood in my body and that is definitely quilty for my taste and style. 

When I first visited Sarajevo, I was immediately in love with that arabic old feeling that old town gave me - they call it "čaršija". 

All made of wood and stone, old mosques, old statues, the best food ever (I hope you eat meat, because they are crazy about meat) and the best deserts! 

I was soo surprised when I visited Skopje! I didn't know they have almost the exact same Čaršija there also! 

So this is me, happy kid with freshly made braids (for only 5 euros!) and new top that I just bought in a local store on my happy place. Čaršija. Where you can smell the fresh food and hear some arabic/balkan music.

I could live here. Love this place, truly!

Love you Skopje, sakam te!


Wearing :

Top - bought in Skopje, don't know the brand, nothing fancy smensy
Legging - old and the most comfy leggings I own with no name
Earrings : H&M (best buy ever)
Shoes : Deichmann

11 komentarjev:

  1. Waa, kako dober outfit! Mi je ful všeč, sploh tej masivni uhani in kitke <3.

    1. Hvala ti <3

      Ja, kitke so carske - škoda, ker si jih ne morem sama naredit :/

  2. Nice!Great style! xx Eszter


  3. Jako mi se dopada cela kombinacija, ali mindjuse, mindjuse su ljubav na prvi pogled :)


  4. Ooo meni so te kitke tako všeč pa ful ti pašejo. :) Jaz si zdaj tudi puščam daljše lase, da bom lahko imela take lepe kitke. :P

  5. Majčka ima zelo dober napis, všeč mi je ! :)

  6. Kok si lepa s kitkami.In celoten look,kot vedno paše ti v nulooo:)*


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