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sreda, januar 06, 2016

URBAN DECAY : Naked palette review

Let's get ... NAKED! 

Finally the post I believe a lot of girls wanted to read! My naked story (haha!)...

Let's go back to Frankfurt (Germany!)...
We all know that naked palettes are "something". If you have it, you feel like a princess. Because it is so : beautiful, amazing, pretty and so expensive. 

Why did I bought it?

First of all, I want to clear this out - I thought they are so overrated! Everyone on instagram, blogs have it. I thought they are not so interesting at all.

But then I saw it couple of times in shops (Amsterdam, Hamburg...) and when we were in Frankfurt a lady who worked at the shop, showed me some swatches and I was totally shocked. Pigmentation is craaaazy. She tried some shades on my eyes, I was in love.

And the palette is SO much bigger in real and it truly is worth every cent. For me it is a perfect palette, you don't need anything else if you have this one.

I know. 50 euros for a palette is not a small price! BUT, it is so big, the pigmentation is perfect and it has those amazing shades you can use everyday.

I believe that it is worth every single cent.

I have also dopes : Makeup revolution (click here for my post) and they can not compare. They cost about 6 euros, first I was totally okay with them - but now when I tried Naked palette... NOPE. It is so much better.

Well, the pictures speak for themselves...

I love the shades really, I picked up NAKED 1, because it also has more green shades and I have green eyes so it is better for me than NAKED 2, even if I love every single one of them.

Creating makeup with naked palette really is an experience, something different. Maybe because you know how expensive it is, haha - but mostly because pigmentation and long - lasting eye shadows are truly divine. 

Do you have any of those? :)

I also bought a blusher, I will show it to you don't worry! <3

THANKS again for lovely comments on previous post, LOVE you so much!

Kisses and also one big news...

Me and few Slovenian bloggers & PR's ladies are going to enjoy Terme Ptuj this weekend, make sure you follow us on instagram and Facebook.  Mercedes - Benz will take care for a ride and Terme Ptuj for our spoiling with food, pools and so on.

There will be also - GIVEAWAY (weekend in Terme Ptuj) so don't miss all the news about it.

Yay, dreams do come true! :)


11 komentarjev:

  1. amazing post. I really like the urban decay eyeshadow paletts. I have the Naked 2 and the Gwen Stefani palette!


  2. Omg! Senčke zgledajo čudovite, kar pa mi je najbolj pomembno pa je seveda pigmentiranost..Se pa strinjam s tabo, da so povsod tak famous te paletke, ampak zdaj pa že razmišljam o nakupu! Pa lep vikend <3

    1. Ja, res so prelepe.

      Imajo svoj čar :)

      Ja, ravno zato jih nisem želela kupiti ampak so res WAW.

  3. Ohh predivna paleta, boje su predivne :)


  4. Jeeej je lepa. in pazi to iskrenost, da se MR ne more primerjati z njo. Hvala, to sem čakala. Glede na to kako vsi pišejo, da so identični mi je blo tko zakaj bi dala 50€ če mi dejansko ni všeč že MR. Good to know ;)
    Terme Ptuj? Ahhh uživajte še zame;)

    1. <3

      Res, pa mi je MR drugače kar kulski kar se senčk tiče, sam tole je druga zgodba.

      Bomo! <3

  5. Kok faj ocena. Si me prepričala. Veš kako recem, če imaš 6 eur si kupu MR, če jih imaš 50 Naked, če nimaš nč od tega šparaj kot norec in boš na koncu magari imel obe. Hahaha:)

  6. This is one my favourite palettes!

    Zara Giveaway - www.theblackblush.blogspot.com

  7. Joj, šparam, šparam!!! Eno bi mela, za sprobat, ker imam o njih isto mišljenje, kot si ga imela ti prej, da je samo boom! :)


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