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nedelja, januar 24, 2016

Outfit : Favourite coat and sweater

Wanna know about my life lately?

Basically wrapped up in books and exams, but I really can't wait all to be over and to finally get back to more outfit posts. I still have some collaborations posts to do - with ECO slovenian clothes. Interesting, right? :)

Why there are less outfit posts? Because all I'm wearing lately is my PJ's and ZUMBA clothes haha, so bare with me - I will be back with some new stuff soon!

Love you all and wish you success at exams, we can do it!

P.s. I am really surprised how my "blogging year" started, first with blogging trip to Ptuj, than photoshoot for Bell cosmetics (bride look), so many new things! I am so happy about it. I really am. And grateful. Which is more important.

Love you guys!


Lipstick : Laetitia L'Oreal
Coat : New Yorker (last year)
Jeans : Orsay
Sweater : From Regesburg, my dear friend Mila, so second hand :)
Glasses : Firmoo

14 komentarjev:

  1. WOW! You looo awesome! Lovely coat! ♡

  2. You are gorgeous :)


  3. Čudovit in preprost outfit, plašček mi je zelo všeč :) In pa šminka, kako lep odtenek <3

    Drugače pa vso srečo pri izpitih! Sem tudi jaz večinoma v pižami in za knjigami haha. Se je pa letošnje leto zate res super začelo. Sem videla sliko za Bell cosmetics - noro lep mejkap! :D

    1. Ja, ta šminka je res lepa. Sem se zaljubila nanjo na prvi pogled.

      Ja, učinek hvaležnosti vedno prinese nove pozitivne izkušnje :)

      Hvala, res je bil lep :)

  4. so fine!! ;-)

    i invite to me too


  5. Absolutely love the red coat!

    P.s. you have stunning hair!


  6. Čudovito izgledaš Katja! In plašč je preeeekrasen! <3

  7. The color of your coat is gorgeous!

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