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torek, december 22, 2015

Outift : Sunshine and furry jacket

Christmas is near! And I really can't believe that we will have another christmas without snow! But I am excited anyway!

Today I am posting you new look, I mixed summer pants (LOVE THEM!) I bought them in Hamburg (I think, haha we visit so many cities on eurotrip I mix some things sometime!) - my man thought they are made for me and he surprised me with them, and winter jacket - combination is interesting, I like it!

I am really excited about so many new things that are happening to me! Starting new Zumba group again in January, which means I will have at least 4 Zumbas per week and ... stay tuned for more news!

Kisses & lots and lots of positive energy and happiness! (I am such a cliche, but really wishing you all that!)

P.s. Slovenian readers : Danes bom na oddaji Preverjeno glede kritike, upam da so vse skupaj dobro zmontirali in da prikažejo bistvo, ki sem ga želela povedati. *živčna* 


Wearing : H&M boots, SheIn jacket, trousers unknown from Germany, Ebay sunglasses... 

7 komentarjev:

  1. very beautiful - love your jacket!

  2. Oh wow your Outfit is so amazing, I love the very nice pants!
    Kisses from germany, Sophie♥

  3. Zivjo. Super outfit. Sem te danes videla na preverjeno. Lepa fuul in vse pohvale :D
    Zanima me kje bi lahko kupila jaknico in koliko stane?

    1. Živjo! O, super :D

      Hvala ti <3 Sem bila kar malce živčna, ker nisem navajena govorjenja pred kamero in tega zoooma direkt v obraz haha :)

      Na strani SHEIN.com mislim da je bila okoli 30 eur :)

      FUL je topla, notri cela podložena, the best.

  4. Vedno ti uspe vse tako super skombinirati <3


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