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četrtek, november 05, 2015

Tiger, zebra & leopard

Today I am posting a look I totally forgot that I have! Sweater is from Pull & Bear, I love it so much. 3 different prints I love in one sweater!

I can't believe how many of you read my post yesterday, it truly mean a lot to me that you wanna know what I think about it. And thanks for comments on Instagram about it! 

I also checked the videos that Taya send me bellow my post, interesting must say. This thing is totally messed up, hah!

Okay, let's move on!

It's so sunny outside, I can't wait to meet my school mates and have a sunny lunch with them and then classes! I am totally in pain from yesterday's Zumba class. I LOVE this feeling, haha! I will be working all weekend, so I must enjoy sunshine a little more today! 



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  1. Joj pa daj no Katja, tebi pa res vse paše kar oblečeš!!! hehe

  2. Great outfit dear! I love this sweater!


  3. Pretty look!



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