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torek, november 10, 2015

Eurotrip : Dusseldorf with stripes

Today I am showing you one of my favourite looks on the trip! 

Photos from Dusseldorf, where I was the third time, this city is also one of my favourite German cities, definitely it has "something". 

Again, photos from my favourite location here, right next to Koenigsallee! Do you remember my last photos from here? (here!)

It felt so amazing to be back, taking long walks to the river side and enjoy the sunset! <3

Wearing my new top from Berlin forever 21. 

Tonight I'm going to a concert ... to listen the famous Michel Legrand! I must say I feel really flattered to be invited by my boyfriend's grandfather - so it's gonna be really cosy to go there with his grandparents which are big fans of Michel. 

It's been too many years since I've been on the "classic" concert, I really like this "film music", we also played some famous songs with orchestra when I was little. Can't wait to hear the violins again, I miss playing it. 


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