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torek, oktober 06, 2015

Eurotrip : Berlin / Printed trousers

Back to hot Berlin days! 

I really miss Berlin already! Kudamm, like I wrote in previous posts is one of my favourite places in Berlin and I am lucky enough that we lived right next to this amazing shopping street. 

You can see famous church Gedächtniskirche behind me!

Hope you like it, it really is "all about comfort". 

Too much things going on again, starting fresh new year at school, Zumba, work... BLOGGING! WOHO! So expect a FIRST OFFICIAL BEAUTY BLOGGERS CONFERENCE (in Slovenia) post soon! 

In the morning I went "hiking" with my dad and we did a little (8 kilos!) of chestnut harvest, so the whole family will come together at the evening and we will have a "typical" fall evening, can't wait. 

What is better than cold outside, fresh chestnuts & fresh apple juice & maybe so ginger bread?! FALL IS HERE, YUPEEEY! 

(so sorry, lately I have too much energy and I am too excited about little things haha, but I guess this is good!)


sending you huuuuugs and some chestnuts! <3

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