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četrtek, oktober 15, 2015

Eurotrip : Berlin & leather

We haaave suuuch a rainy day here in Ljubljana!

So I am bringing back memories from sunny BERLIN! Catching the last moments of sun in from of Brandenburg gate!

This day was amazing. One of my favourite days on the trip! We went to Potsdam to see Max Liebermann's (painter) summer house and we really enjoyed the day... And because Max Liebermann lived right next to Brandenburg gate, we decided to go there too! It is one of my favourite parts of Berlin.

We decided to take some really sunny photos there, I feel so blessed now when I look back and remember I am still amazed by the beauty of those doors even after 4th visit of Berlin <3

About this look

Simple and casual. Perfect for traveling and walking across Berlin! My favourite combination - stripes and leather! I think it looks quite good!

Berlin, you are missed. But I am sure we will be together again soon...

After all, I count you as my second home :) 

Have a wonderful day everyone!


12 komentarjev:

  1. Hello from Spain: I really like the shirt. Great look. Keep in touch

  2. Zakon look, res mi je všeč! :)

  3. iii.brez kodrčkov:), pajkice pa tk nore, mam sama sicer v podobnem stilu in so čist huda stvar:)

  4. Wow! You are spectacular! these beautiful with this outfit!

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  5. LOVE this outfit so much! It's casual and perfect for sight seeing but still extremely fashionable and edgy. Those pants are incredible. Hope you had a great stay in Berlin - the weather was so good a few weeks ago but it has turned grey and rainy so I am glad there was good weather while you were here!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Thanks so much! :)

      Yeah, it was sunny and sometimes rainy when I was there :)

  6. Meni pa je predvsem TOP srajčka! :))

  7. This shirt is everything! xoxo

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  8. I love this shirt ;) Your outfit is amazing ;)
    Keep in touch ;)

  9. I love your jacket and pants<3
    + Berlin is such a beautiful city!:)



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