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sreda, september 23, 2015

Eurotrip : TELC / casual look


Today we are returning back to TELČ! Telč is really an amazing village/little town on the south of Češka Republika! 

We started our trip right here in this amazing town and we were more than happy to do it. We lived in this RED house behind me on the picture, it was dreamy. A whole village is wrapped up in those amazing old houses (google it, please!). 

It was really hot here, so I was wearing the most comfortable hairstyle and clothes haha! Hairbun and new skirt, which is like leggings haha - it really is the most comfortable skirt ever. 

Really simple look for long walks around Telč! And I loved prices here! Everything is so cheep - food, drinks... ah, love it!

And it is only 6 hours of gorgeous drive from Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia). 

I really enjoyed my days here and I am sure we will return soon!

P.s. In the old house... There was no internet, nothing modern. I loved it, we had gorgeous evenings by candles, listening gramophone records... Gotta do it again soon! <3

P.s. I am so excited about everything lately! Starting fresh year at Zumba classes (get ready girls!), school, work, blog... I really am highly motivated to make the best of this "new" year. 


11 komentarjev:

  1. Nov favourite outfit!!! carsko izgleda vse na tebi

    1. Hvala ti! :)

      Meni se zdi res res res preprost look, sem še razmišljala če bi ga sploh objavila... Ampak hvala za odziv! :)

  2. Wauuu Katja kok noro dober outfit! Tebi res vse paše. :)

    1. Hvala tudi tebi, hehe. Meni je res vsakdanji, sem delala skoraj celo poletje v takšni opravi, tako da mi res ni nič posebnega. Ampak hvala res! :D Mogoče pa le ni tako slab! :D

  3. Gorgeous Look, i love it so much!

  4. You look amazing!


  5. Divna si.Suknja ti je prelijepa :*


  6. Izgledaš super, tako kot vedno! To krilo res izgleda super, če je pa še udobno pa toliko boljš :)

    x, Katja

  7. Your skirt is beautiful, love the colour contrast


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