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petek, september 18, 2015

Eurotrip : Amsterdam inspired crazy mix

Back in Amsterdam! 

I could not be happier. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities on the world. (well, till now).

The people are so open and so kind, they speak many languages and are just amazing. I also met Slovenian blogger Agnes there and see how she is doing <3 Also totally in love with the city!

About the look

This was in the middle of the trip probably a 10th or 11th day... And I already used some clothes, so I thought that this dress will be perfect for Amsterdam. 

Combination is crazy. If you showed me those pictures 5 years ago, I would never wear something like this.

But... Amsterdam is inspiring! You can DARE to wear something crazy there. So I did.

Glam dress, fancy... With leather totally crazy cowboy jacket, white snikers (thanks August for cleaning them in the morning in the Netherlands - you made them whiter than ever, haha!). Dirty snickers just won't do next to fancy dress.

And hat?!

Yeah, Amsterdam is pretty windy. So hat is a must! The combination is sporty, fancy, edgy at the same time. 

But to be honest... It is one of my favourite looks ever. And I was laughing the first few moments "are you seriously gonna wear snickers on that dress"?

What do you think?


P.s. I will probably spend my weekend on Slovenian coast, the Slovenian film festival is going on and my baby has a movie there too! Hope for the best! <3 Is anybody else gonna be there?


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11 komentarjev:

  1. Dear, you look awesome! Great jacket!
    I hope you have fun on your eurotrip :)

  2. ja ja ja tale outfit sem pa komaj čakala da vidim še kako slikco več. eden izmed bolših na tvojem blogu.TOP

  3. You look amazing!!


  4. Hello from Spain: I really like your outfit. Great jacket. Feel great on you. Fabulous hat. keep in touch

  5. Nice Outifit!
    Instagram @desesperofashion

  6. Jeaaa sem že misla, da boš večno na dopustu:), sem čakala tvoje objavice in jeaaa..itak carska kot vedno:). P.s sem kupila rdečo šminko:):) zdj bi pa še kakšno:).

  7. your jacket looks amazing ! x



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