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sobota, oktober 03, 2015

10 things I learned while traveling

1. Knowing languages is the greatest treasure.

Like I wrote many times - I LOVE speaking foreign languages. Even if I just know few words, I will speak it. And I can not tell you how often it shows, that languages are the greatest gift. I spoke spanish at my work so many times lately, that I am truly grateful that I speak it so well.

Ha, and my english. I'm good speaker, but not a writer - I still write millions mistakes and believe me I know that. But I am still learning. Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian is also a big gift to me, because I can understand also Macedonian, Bulgarian and little Russian.

And my german... I was really bad, but thanks to my man and his lovely german family and our trips to Germany each summer, I can actually speak in German language! Really thankful for that. <3

How many languages do you speak? I speak 5!

2. It is not necessary to plan everything.

I admit, I can be a control freak - but on the road, you can't plan everything. Sometimes really good things can happen if you don't plan it. In Dusseldorf we meet our lovely friend Junior - totally not expected and last year I met slovenian blogger Slađi in the middle of 500.000 people in the city. Not planned. 

I always say "Don't go with the flow. Make your own flow."... But sometimes, it's nice to follow it and be surprised!

3. Travel with "the one" who can stand you even when you are pain in the a**.

I learned this many times. When you are traveling... You are 24/7 with that person. You get nervous sometimes. Scared at some situations. You are tired or not feeling well. It is really important that the person is similar to you and likes to eat similar things and to discover similar places... It is really hard if you want to go to museum and the other one just wants to shop.

You really don't want to fight and argue on your trip! So take care about this.

4. If you are not happy on the inside, you can not be happy somewhere else in the world.

It's all about that "peace of mind". You can't expect that traveling will instant make you happy. Even if it helps - in my case, haha! But if you can't feel happy at home or anywhere... Changing location won't do anything. You must be happy on the inside. (this is the topic where I can speak for hours!)

5. Yes, you will run out of clothes.

You can't be 100% prepared. The weather is changing all the time... Especially if you travel more than 2 weeks, you can not predict it. And if you are changing locations... Better take swimsuit and winter jacket with you haha! Like my trip for example - in Berlin 35 degrees in Hamburg 11!

6. Most of the people are kind.

They are still good people! On trips I always run into people which are really trying to help you when you are lost etc., I so happy that there are still that kind of people! I also always help tourists! I love that!

7. You can survive with a lot less than you think.

I 'm not complicated traveler. But I like my own peace and bathroom please, haha! But still I can sleep on the floor or eat only "brotchen" (german's typical bread) for breakfast or lunch. You can save a lot of money if you cook by yourself or just make a sandwich from things you buy - which are cheep. I really like living like this few weeks a year, because you actually see how little do you need for living. 

8. You can have fun anywhere.

You don't need to go out to a fancy club to have fun. Just singing in car on a long long road is sometimes enough. Or sleeping in a park in the middle of big city - I never do this at home. Or tasting new food - probably really "healthy" one haha, you can really have fun ANYWHERE. With the right person!

9. It's never too late to change. 

Traveling is all about change. Changing location, changing way of dressing, getting inspired and changing the way of thinking.

When I return from a short or long trip - I am always inspired by the energy of the city, I feel like I can do anything, that I got filled with new positive energy!

How do you feel about this "change"?

10. We are all the same. No matter where you are. 

This is the most important one. We are all people. We all want the same things. To be happy, to have a family next to you, to have a job/work, to have a little money for your little luxuries and to be able to live in PEACE. And to have freedom.

Hope You enjoy reading my article! <3


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  1. Se totalno najdem v tem postu. Jeziki sestavljajo velik del mene, v smislu učenja nečesa novega s tako vnemo in odprtim srcem, da kar žarim. Sprva z angleščino in italijanščino, danes znam naročit po turško in zelo lepo govoriti po nemško, špansko, z veseljem se potrudim po francosko. Še bolj kot to pa mi je všeč spoznavat narečja določene države, npr. v Italiji imajo čudovita narečja, ki ti , čeprav se jih težko razume, dajo spet neko novo širino. Večinoma ti te dragocene izkušnje dajo potovanja in pristen stik z domačini. Once a traveller, always a traveller :)

    Mikela (www.lovingfromberlin.blogspot.com)


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