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petek, avgust 28, 2015

Romwe jumpsuit in the city


Finally our big trip is here! Today we are leaving Slovenia for 3 weeks and we will be all around Europe. 

I will tell you more on my instagram account and I hope I will have some time to post! If not, expect TSUNAMI of posts when I return. I really can't wait to see all those amazing cities and make some outfit posts there! 

We will be visiting 8 different cities, some are capitals, well - sleeping in 8 cities, but visiting more! 

I love traveling with my man. It's my favourite time in the world. I love traveling, but seeing all those amazing cultures, cities, speak different languages... with him, is totally different. I feel so safe, we can go and do what we want, we are so good at traveling together. If you are 24/7 with one person, you must really get along with them. THAAAANKS god we like to see and do the same things. Speak and meet locals, see museums, eat good junk food and sleep little and see as much as possible. 

I am so excited! I will be visiting some cities for the first time, but some for the 2d,3d... But I love them so much, so I am even more excited, because I missed them so much <333

Okay, it's too exited not to share this with you.

1. Telč (Czech republic) 

Small town (google it) it is soooo pretty and cosy, can't wait to relax there a little.

2. Prague (Czech republik)

I was in Prague 2 times already - BUT, I love this city so much and I missed it, so we decided to visit it again (because is on the way hah). Can't wait to spend few days there!

3. Berlin (Germany)

I was here 3 times already, 2 with my love. And this is OUR city. We totally love it and we will be staying there at the most amazing location, so I am really looking forward to stay at the most amazing flat there <3 And those late night walks around Berlin... So cosy!

4. Hamburg (Germany)

It will my first time here in this city, so I am so excited to see it. I heard that is dreamy, north Venice?! :)

5. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

My 3rd time in this city and country, but I love it so much. The people are so kind and Amsterdam is truly one of my TOP 5 cities in the world! I gotta meet Agnes Krown there too, can't wait to see that babe!

6. Solingen, Dusseldorf, Koln (Germany)

My boyfriend's grandparents live here and that's why we will stay here for few days and visit Dusseldorf and Koln probably too. I feel so "comfy" in Dusseldorf, also a great city!

7. Frankfurt (Germany)

My looooove. Seriously, Frankfurt was a big surprise when I first visited it. Okay, I had the privilege to stay in a gorgeous apartment there with the best view! But still... Frankfurt is like bigger Ljubljana with "downtown", I totally love the architecture and energy. So happy that I will visit my "second german home" again! And we will celebrate my boyfriend's aunt big b-day there! Party mood in Frankfurt ON!

8. Regensburg (Germany)

Something new again, I heard that there is amazing castle and that city is old so we will discover history there!

Last year we did 2500 km, this year around 3500 kilometers... We are making bigger and bigger plans each summer.

And oh yes, we will travel with my car! I LOVE this. Do you even know how fun it is to drive across Germany? Ferraris and Lambos are driving with you and you can drive as fast as you want. (mostly) 

We have our cd's prepared and usb's so...

Wish us luck! :)


SHOES : Deichmann

EARRINGS : Lady Queen

21 komentarjev:

  1. Zelo lep pajacek, res ti lepo pase :)
    Uzivaj na potovanju, pa kaj lepega kupi ;)

  2. Prekrasan outfit sve mi se jako sviđa! :) <3

  3. Kok ti pase tale jumpsuit. Jaz mam te jumpsuite se vedno na wish listi pa se nisem prsla do njega. Drugace pa komaj cakan poplavo fotk na instagramu :)

    1. Sarica, hvala ti <3

      Kakor uspem slikat oz. kakor dobim internet.

      Taksna velika mesta me ponavadi tako impresionirajo, da pozabim na instagram haha :(

    2. to ti pa čisto verjamem. Ti se raje lepo naglej telefoni bodo že počakali :)

  4. Jaz tudi planiram da bi šla v Prago (čeprav sem že 1x bila), mislim to mesto je res super!!!

    x, Katja

  5. You look so amazing!


  6. Ja čist hudo! Vama zavidam potovanje!
    Uživajta na max in travel safe ^^
    bomo spremljali na insta itak skos :D

    aja pa tale jumpsuit ti ful paše!

    1. Hvala ti!

      Je bilo vlozeno ogromno planiranja in dela da si lahko tole nudiva! In uzivava na max! :)

  7. Predivan kombinezon! <3

    I sretan put!

  8. so amazing ;))

    i invite to me too


  9. Samo v Pragi sem že bila, vse ostalo bi se vama kar pridružla :D (tudi v Pragi, ker je res lepo mesto). Glede outfita pa tole, prvi dolg jumpsuit, ki mi je res všeč in še eleganten po vrhu. Čudovita, tako kot zmeraj. Uživajta!

    1. Muchas gracias Evelina!

      Me veseli, da ti je vsec. Joj, tako dolgo sva planirala tole - da res uzivam v vsakem trenutku! :).

  10. Awesome look :) Wonderful post..Keep In touch dear..

  11. wow I'd also love to visit these cities! I love how your jumpsuit looks casual and chic at the same time!



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