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četrtek, avgust 06, 2015

Rimmel review & everyday makeup

Back to makeup! 

Did I mention how hard it is to take proper photos of your lips, eyes, face from really close? Well it is. But, everything for a good post and review, haha even if I don't really feel comfy with this. 

We don't have Rimmel in Slovenia

Why?!?!?! I really like this brand and the prices are really good for this quality. I bought all this in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina it's a shame we don't have it here. 

BUT : You can buy it really cheep (only 2,2 euro) on www.salma.si !!!

About magic powder stay matte

My friend Denise showed me this magical powder. We were doing makeup for night out and I tried this one and ... WOW! It makes your skin so perfect and flawless. I really like it, makes your skin matte and pores are gone and everything stays perfect for at least 6 hours. 

Thanks Denise!

About Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang shade - lipstick

As you can see on my outfit photos, lately I adore wearing red lipstick. In my highschool it was a really special day if I wore red or pink lipstick. I was totally on smoky eyes and nude lips. But now, I dare to wear it everyday!

So, I decided to try this one. It is amazing. The pigmentation as you can see is amazing & it stays on your lips like 5 hours at least. 

What do you own from Rimmel? Any ideas for new buys?


17 komentarjev:

  1. I own the rimmel stay matte powder which I love and also 3 apocalips shades. :)
    Nice post! x


  2. Šminka je čudovita! Na žalost imam samo par Rimmelovih lakcev, upam pa, da bom kje našla stojalo, šmiiinkeee ;)
    Xoxo, Nyx

  3. Wow, beautiful Make-up.. very natural and wow, amazing eyes!!

    Love Luna from http://prettylittlelunas.blogspot.ch/

  4. fine look !!! ;-)

    new post


  5. Gorgeous lip color!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  6. Če bi imel tale puder malo boljšo embalažo, bi si zaslužil 10/10. Moj je "mrtev", kakor sem že omenila na instagramu :/

    1. Ja se strinjam. Kar "švoh" je... Zaenkrat je še živ, ampak se zna pa hitro polomiti, če pade na tla sem gotova haha :(

  7. Tudi sama se sprašujem, zakaj nimamo Rimmel izdelkov v Sloveniji, ampak sem odkrila, da jih ubistvu imamo! Rimmel in Manhattan vodi 1 samo podjetje, zato so nekateri izdelki identični, npr. Rimmel Apocalips in Manhattan lip lacquer. Formula in embalaža sta 100% identični, le ime je drugo. ;)

    1. Res?!

      Hudo... Moram preizkusiti. Zanimivo!

      Kot to da ima Chanel Bourjois čez :)

  8. Šminka je fuul lepa, dobr odtenek! Upam da pride znamka čimprej tudi k nam, sem brala same dobre review-je :)


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