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ponedeljek, avgust 10, 2015

Dreamy jumpsuit

Lately my life is so busy and full of free wonderful days trips and work - work all day, 12 hours per day!

But I really could not be more excited about the Euro - road trip I am planning with my man. I really can't wait! I will tell you more details later and of course you will see where I am on instagram, even if I really don't like being on the internet when I'm on my holidays. I really like to "live the moment", but some instagram minutes are okay. 

So, about this jumpsuit.

The story begins 1 day before I went to Sarajevo, I was working and I came into work 5 minutes earlier, went to New Yorker to try and find something comfy for 7 hours drive - and I found it. Perfect pattern and model. Bought it in 3 minutes. 

I think it was one of the best buys ever, so comfy and just gorgeous for 10 euros, ha! Don't you just love when you get something amazing for a little money?

My man turned 22 yesterday, so we're hosting a little party tonight for close friends, can't wait to see all the gangstas again hahaha!


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  1. To mi je pa tako znano, ko v tako kratkem času najdeš takoj en kos oblačila, ki ti pade v oči in še za tako fajno ceno :) Je pa take lepe barve, ti ta modra res zelo paše!

  2. Love your outfit, the glasses are perf!:)
    Milena ♥

  3. O kok superca! Jaz sem tudi videla ta jumpsuit v New Yorkerju pa sploh ne vem zakaj ga nisem šla probat.. Mogoče naslednjič, ker na tebi izgleda mega!

    x, Katja

  4. Si pa dobra :P Samo pet minut pred službo :D
    Me pa zanima, kje bosta potovala vse.. Komaj čakam Euro-ta :P

  5. Pretty jumpsuit!

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  6. Tak nakup ko ti je ratal, res super! :) Če se tako hitro odločiš, pol si res izbrala tisto tapravo ;) Lepo se imej na roadtripu :)

    Visit me: http://naturallymarcela.blogspot.com/2015/07/photos-only-3.html

  7. Super zgledaš na slikah in komaj čakam da na blogu preberem kaj o tvojem road - tripu ;)

  8. Your jumpsuit is perfect :-)


  9. Great Pics! You look beautiful and i like your jumpsuit :)


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