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torek, julij 14, 2015

Stripes & jeans

It's just too hot lately! Summer (when it's more than 30 degrees!) is probably the worst time for fashion bloggers. You would only wear swimsuit if you could haha, so amazing outfits with a lot of pieces are just NOT an option.

Maxi trousers and maxi skirts are the only thing I can wear when it's hot.

But I found my old shorts and there they are in my black and white edition!

I'm so lazy lately, but I decided to go for a run today so I really can't wait to get all sweaty haha, it will not be very hard - cuz, we have 30 degrees in Slovenia!

Warm kisses & hugs!


20 komentarjev:

  1. Ta outfit mi je pa eden izmed najlepših!
    Klobuk, črte in hlače z visokim pasom je top kombinacija :)

  2. Jaa isto sem hotela napisati kot Valentina! :) super je!

  3. Your outfit is gorgeous, head to toe amazing. I love your top and red lipstick together

  4. Meni je tudi eden izmed najlepših, res preprost ampak božanski! Črte nikoli ne razočarajo :D


  5. Simply wow...Lovely post..Keep In touch dear..hugs
    ramp diary / art Blog / Beauty and fashion

  6. You're lookling lovely!! x

  7. I'm not sure I posted my coment... I don't know.. but I just said you were looking lovely! aha x

  8. ooo ful všečen outfit :D in ti zlati tattooji so top za poletje :3

  9. Lovely outfit :) Where did you get those metallic tattoos from? They look amazing


  10. Katja, kako si sexy na teh slikah. Prava lepotička. :o

  11. Tale outfit izgleda super na tebi!! :)
    Ja, tale vročina sedaj je grozna!

    x, Katja

  12. You look beautiful! Cute outfit :)

    Omg I've fallen in love with this palette. Every single colour looks amazing! I'm even in love the the packaging wow lol. I'm definitely going to get this beauty

    Vanessa // VNSX x

  13. You look great!! Love the scenery! It's indeed breathtaking! And love your chilled out casual and yet smart look :)
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