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sobota, julij 04, 2015

Ponytail hair & fringe

I must say : I really need a few days off. And that's what I'm going to do for the rest few days - nothing. Enjoying the sun, sea and love.

This week was crazy, days were so full. I was working a loooot, went to Blogger's event and spend the day there, hairdresser, getting to know new beauty Salon Mimossa, we will do a collaboration soon, enjoy a little time with my little bunny, movie premieres... Which I really enjoyed, the movie is called Salt of the earth - about amazing photographer from Brasil, you gotta see it.

But, enough about busy days.

Let's talk about this outfit! This is one crazy outfit haha. It was sunday and I really wanted to make a casual outfit, but... At the moment when I put my strong red lipstick on, it became clear to me that is going to be one fancy outfit with crazy dangle vest! 

So, I'm off to enjoy some days off and relax! I will be back soon with soooo many new news and outfits! <3

Kisses & hugs! 


9 komentarjev:

  1. Odlican look, pantalone su super :))

  2. Love your trousers!


  3. You look so gorgeous dear ! Love your earings !


  4. Great Outfit Sweety!

    xox Luna from http://prettylittlelunas.blogspot.ch/

  5. Me mika tale film, je že na seznamu (: In tako kot vedno; lepa si, predvsem zaradi svojega nasmeška :D

  6. Love those trousers! Gorgeous outfit x
    Claire | www.claire-frances.blogspot.co.uk

  7. U, luškana! Hude hlače ;)

    - A


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