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četrtek, junij 11, 2015

10 tips for happiness

1. Be who you are. Believe in yourself.

The most cliche advice I can give you. But it is absolutely the most important. If you are surrounded by people - that don't accept you for who you are OR (worse) you feel like you are not "good enough" to hang with them and you pretend to be something you are not. RUN. Or show them - your true self! BELIEVE in yourself. YOU can do anything you want. I always manage to do stuff then I had 100% believe in myself, it is hard sometimes, but believe me - it works.

Who will believe in you - if not you?

2. Plan new projects.

A lot of people seem to be unhappy with their life, because they fall into "routine". Plan new things, try to be spontaneous! Try eating new dishes, listening to new music and... Of course try experiment with your makeup and clothes. (I'm more for the last ones, haha!)

3. Take a "time off".

As a blogger, I must be "active" all the time, planing new projects, writing new post and daily update on my instagram and Facebook (this is a must if you are a blogger) and sometimes I just MUST take time off internet and just enjoy a moment without "taking photos for instagram what I'm doing" and just be in the moment. Also, during exam season I always go the the woods for a walk or run - sometimes you must stop and take a break.

4. Dare to dream.

In those times, people don't wanna dream. Why? It's simple. Because it seems like dreams will never come true. Mostly because of money and stuff. BUT. Dreams do come true. Believe me, I am currently living my "blogger's dream" of course I wanna make it even bigger but to see the success of a blog, which I started only for fun... Ahhh... It really seems like a dream. 

5. Read happiness books

I am a big fan of those "feel good" books and they really helped me a lot! Wrote about it here (click!).

6. Love your body

The most difficult one. Like I said many times - it's not about size, kilograms - it's all about HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT. And remember - YOU ARE UNIQUE. There is NO one like you in the entire world. Pretty amazing, right?

7. Wear your favourite dress

Yes, this is important. I am a living proof that I feel instant happiness when I'm wearing my favourite dress. It makes me feel confident, good about myself and I feel like I can do anything and noone can stop me! So, don't save your special dresses for special evenings, wear it for yourself!

8. Buy yourself a gift

It's okay if you spend few bucks a month for you own pleasure! Especially I like to "reward" myself for hard work - it's so easier to work and be active if you know that reward is coming! :D

9. Be grateful

Gratitude is the most important thing! That you are aware what you have and that you are thankful for good things in life. I'm grateful everyday for my lovely family, love, friends, blog and so on! 

10. Never failure, always a lesson

Lately I'm learning so many things about me, what I really want in my life and mostly WHAT is important in life. And I came to conclusion - never take your "failure" as failure, but as a lesson - try to make the best from the worst. I know it's hard sometimes but truly everything happens for a reason!

Off to work & can't wait to go on the seaside for a weekend off with my favourite people! <3

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Katja, kisses!

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