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sreda, april 29, 2015

Sheinside cardigan / arab necklace

I'm so late with this post! Awwwhhhh! Can't believe it! I totally have TOO many things (talking about cosmetics!) to test and too many wishes and ideas for blog! 

Sometimes I feel so inspired, I could write or make the photos for so many posts, but on the other hand... There are the days which are horrible. Too much stress & too little time for blog and the "real blogging time". 

I don't like to rush when I'm writing my posts, I really like to take some time... Think, write... Just time for me and my little bloggie!

But today I'm in a hurry so just quick casual outfit with this lovely cardigan from Sheinside online shop (click, click) .

Adding my favourite arab necklace (probably one of the oldest necklaces, I have it like 8 years) and here it is. REALLY simple and casual look! :)


P.s. Wearing my favourite Essence - barely there lipstick!


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