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sobota, februar 28, 2015

Topshop opening

I know I posted those photos already on instagram and Facebook, but I really like to have all those important outfits that I love on blog too!

So, yesterday I was at the new TOPSHOP in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and me and Agnes, picked some new clothes and make some outfits with it for competition!

My friend Denise helped me with the first one (short lace skirt and top!) - she totally knows me so well - she took the inspiration in my "high school days" when I was wearing skirt and heels almost every day. Most of the people knows me by that. I started with heels in 1. year and then... never stopped haha! 

So, those are my picks from Topshop. I love both outfits. Simple, but so me.

Sending you love & hugs! <3


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