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nedelja, februar 15, 2015

Red lips with Agnes Krown

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not posting of few days, I've been so busy! Getting started at my new student job, and fashion show and more and more sport events I had to watch and the concert... ahhh, so busy!

So, first I want to congrats to our amazing ski jumper Peter Prevc for the amazing first fly (ever) over the 250 meters mark! I went totally crazy yesterday, I had to open the champagne! 

The second news thing - Yesterday I was at the amazing Dino Merlin concert, I had such an amazing time - I love his songs, the lyrics in bosnian are just ... ah speechless! 

So, back to blogging work!

The amazing makeups & outfit that I created with Agnes! We were off to a slovenian fashion show a.k.a. kinda imitation of Victoria Secret - and since I love doing makeup with her, she learned me so much already, we did makeup at her place! I love this Collistar lip gloss that we used, it's so pigmented! Agnes was not sure, if she will use nude lipstick or this - so I convinced her to use this amazing gloss - that we will be lip twins, ha! I think she made a right decision! 

I really like this girl, crazy enough to wear what ever she likes, crazy enough to support me at my arabic makeups and just so inspirational to me! <3

More photos on her blog, don't forget to check it out


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  1. great post :-)
    happy sunday!

  2. so nice pics; -0)

    new post


  3. super photos! :)


  4. Stunning make up and turban! You look amazing!

  5. Hi from Greece! Thank you for commenting on my blog, I just followed you! ;) Beautiful girls, I love your turban! x

  6. Ful vama paše ta glos! Izgleda kot da imata ombre ustnice ;)

  7. Looking absolutely gorgeous ladies, I love red lipstick!

    I've followed your blog, please follow mine too :) www.whatlauralovesuk.com

    Looking forward to more posts.

    Laura xxx

  8. wow, so glamorous!
    check out our blog too :)


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