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torek, januar 27, 2015

The red coat : statement

There are good and bad days. Sometimes when I'm feeling down, I remember that it could actually be worse. And that life is too short to feel that way. I know, sometimes this seems impossible. BUT - we can try our best, to put those feelings away and enjoy life to the fullest. If you must cry, cry. But then, please - remember that we only have one life and that is too short to spend it crying.

Now, enough about philosophy! :'D

I really wanted to talk about this amazing coat I found in New Yorker, for a really funny price. I was secretly falling in love with it - since I first saw it. Oversized, big, statement and classic at the same time. The model is nothing special, oversized 70's coat with buttons. But I really like the colour! It's so statement! You can be dressed up all in black and this coat will make your outfit so cool!

I think I will wear it a lot. You will see, haha!

About top - It's from Promod, and this was not funny price haha. It was quite expensive, for a top - but I really liked it, furry and the colours are so classic - I had to have it!

P.s. I can't wait to show you so many outfits I'll be doing with my new clothes I got from my sponsors and also a lot of cosmetics post are coming, so many great products to review! <3

P.s. (number 2!) I obviously have too much things to write today. Not blogging for 2 days and I already have so many news. Did you see Taken 3 is in cinemas? I am such a huge fan of those movies and of course Liam Neeson which is a great actor for those kind of films! Gotta see it!

Wish you all an amazing day!

Too chatty today,


21 komentarjev:

  1. beautiful coat dear!!!!

  2. Perfect coat, love it how you wear it :)

  3. Very pretty! Love your top!

  4. kok lep plašček, ti zlo paše res :)
    da o puloverčku raje ne zgubljam besed. Jaz sem toliko časa iskala tak pulover in ga nisem našla ali pa sem pa ni bilo moje številke, je bil predrag ali pa mi model preprosto ni bil všeč. uglavnem ni sreče :)

    1. Poglej v Promod, sem ga prejšnji teden kupila.

      HVALA TI <333

  5. Plašček je čudovit <3
    Ooooh Taken 3 je že v kinu? :O Moram ga gledat! Zadnje čase sem tok zabubljena v knjige za faks, da niti ne vem kaj se dogaja v zunanjem svetu :)

    1. Hvala <3

      Jaaaa, samo ni ga v Koloseju (Lj.), bo treba v Kranj :)

  6. You look great in red :) nice coat :)

  7. Obožujem črno-belo kombinacijo z plaščom, ki popestri cel outfit:)


  8. Love the coat and the sunglasses :)

  9. Uh moćna kombinacija! Divnan ti je taj crveni kaput i čupavi džemper :) Ukombinovano sa stilom!
    Pratim te ;)

  10. Nice outfit! I really like the coat ♥

  11. Lep outfit in lepo si napisala :)

    Tvoj fotograf :*


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