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sreda, januar 07, 2015

Gifts from my love

I'm really late with this post, but all I do last few days is staying behind books, dancing Zumba like a crazy person, preparing new choreography and I really don't have any time for myself. 

But I like busy days, anyway - I'm showing you 3 favourite gifts I got from my man this christmas. I got 2 more, but are more personal :)


Roberto Cavalli Nero assoluto - I wanted this perfume now for more than a year, but because I still have my The one - by D & G, I wanted to wait before I would bought this one. But my love ofcouse... Surprised me again. Thank you so much! <3

Intimissimi underwear - It will sounds quite interesting but - I can't believe how my man always picks the perfect underwear for me. The size and everything is perfect. I have this one in black too and I love it, lace is my "must have" when it comes to underwear. 

Wine notes - This was a surprise! One of the best gifts ever! I'm really big wine lover, I love tasting and getting to know new wines... And this book will be so useful! I can write down all the wines I like and never forget them! 

I hope we will fill this book with good wines and memories :) 

Back to work! Wish you all an amazing day! <3

& what did you got for christmas from your loved ones? (little late, but still...)


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