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petek, december 12, 2014

Winter makeup

I missed my webcam posts must say. It's the easiest (but not the best) way to show my makeup! :)

I went on a night walk & date & eating pizza & drinking wine and I could go on haha, with my love!

I decided for kinda smoky eye makeup - mixing brown and gold shades from Makeup revolution palette - which I just love lately!

I used also Missha BB cream, not wearing any powder and my skin looks perfect - and photos are not photoshopped or anything!!!

Also, showing my p2 highlighter which is great - also it can be used as an eyeshadow! 

So, that's pretty much it. I think this is my typical Viva la vida makeup. Strong lips and eyes. 

More about those products in the next posts!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend! :)


P.s. For Slovenian readers, naslednji teden mode navdušenke in blogerke žuramo v Cirkusu FASHIONISTA PARTY LOOK (19.12.2014)! Jaz se tja odpravljam z mojo blogersko prijateljico Agnes Krown, več o tem pa si poglej tukaj! Se vidimo? :) #cirkusfashionista

10 komentarjev:

  1. I have that Makeup Revolution palette, it's beautiful isn't it! x


  2. You are so beautiful! <33


  3. Hello from Spain: I really like your makeup. Great proposal. Very pretty. Keep in touch

  4. Top makeup, tole paletko moram res preizkusiti, ko pridem domov! Juj, žur bom pa tudi na žalost zamudila, upam da se ponovi v naslednjem letu, vi pa uživajte kar se da!


  5. Very nice look!
    the eyeshadow palette is wonderful! You should try the blues!

  6. Amazing makeup!



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