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četrtek, december 04, 2014

Sephora kiss me balm

It's time to talk about this beauty! :)

I'm really big fan of Sephora cosmetics, I have 3 big palettes - but I didn't do a review here on blog, because they are really used up and I rather take a photos of things that are completely new and then try them! But I got a package from USA last week, so ... Just to tease you, there are 2 Sephora palettes!

But if you still want to see them, I can show you! Let me know!

So, back to Kiss me balm, which is like EOS in this cute little "egg" - but the difference is they smell better and they have color! 

My friend bought it for me in Venezia and I think I will need more of them - because they are amazing! The smell is so good and they are really pigmented and they protect lips and... I think that's it, hah!

I'm so excited about using this one, looks so cute. I also put an eos next to it, so you can see there is almost no difference in size.

How about you guys? Do you have them? :)

So much for today.

P.s. I feel every muscle in my body, last few days I've been training and training to make my Zumba choreography better and better and had 3 Zumba classes already this week, but I'm really happy with the result - so it's worth it and it makes me happy!

6 komentarjev:

  1. I don't have it but i would like to try them:)


  2. nice products ;-)


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  3. I really like the eos lipbalm, totally need to try the one from sephora!

    I love your blog, would you like to follow each other? :)

    Caro x


  4. I never had a balm like that, but I want try it!


  5. zgleda dobro sam imam že čist preveč lip balmov.:D


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