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ponedeljek, december 29, 2014

Mac : lipsticks

I really wanted to show you my Mac's lipsticks. I first didn't liked them... Because I have this feeling that expensive cosmetics is overrated sometimes. But with Mac, I think is totally worth this money.

I have 4 Mac lipsticks, not included lipsticks in Mac palette... 

My favourite is definitely :  New York apple (first on picture)! I wore it here (click!) and just loving it so much!

I can't believe I actually bought only 2 of them, the rest was gift from my love and neighbour who went to California for the summer (thanks babe!<3).

Must say, I really like the smell of those lipstick, pigmentation and the matte formula. Normally I don't like matte lipstick but with Mac... I adore them. The red one (3rd on picture) is all fired up (you asked me a lot about this one) and the second velvet teddy.

Which are your favourite shades from Mac? I would really like to know!


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  1. I really love Mac lipsticks! I don't have any of this shades. My favourite ones are Please Me and Rebel!


  2. Loooooove MAC lipsticks aswell! <<3

  3. Mac is awesome! Love the 1st and the 2nd one!

  4. I love all your picks!! They are all gorgeous!! New York Apple is definitely my favorite as well!! Thank you so much for following me and for your sweet comment on my blog! I am now following you too! #617! Can't wait to see more!!



  5. I love this, I wish I'll have Mac lipstick someday ;)

  6. follow me i follow back


  7. they are all wonderful I prefer the last one, the nude.

  8. I love the colors, so pretty!


    Check out my new look :)

  9. Totally in love with MAC <3 *-* adorable

  10. tele so baje top! :) me pa zanima, če so obstojne do take mere, da res ostanejo na ustnicah? sama se kr jezim, ko popijem vodo al pa kej, pa gre že dol :D

  11. I love MAC! it never fails you! and ofcourse I love them because their makeup works on all shades of the skin :) .. (finding makeup in Slovenia is a struggle for me! darker shades arent available !!) but thank god i can hop every now and then to Budapest , Austria or Italy and get me some supplies :) .. my favorite is Ruby Woo, if you havent yet tried it, it is a must! Ruby Woo with a winged eyeliner is to die for! for my everyday look I have Verve (brownish, nudish, pinkish kinda shade) .. cant wait to add more to my collection in the coming days .. xx


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