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sobota, december 20, 2014

Arabic/indian makeup

I really didn't mean to post all those photos - but I just can't believe how my lovely Agnes (click to see her blog) turned me into an arabic indian princess with this makeup.

As you all know, I'm totally obsessed with arabian makeup, world... And this indian "bindi". Oh my gosh, I could really live in India and wear Sari and this bindi all the time! <3

Enough about my obsession with arabic, indian and spanish culture (but I really do love those countries and cultures with all my heart). 

About makeup

Agnes thought me a lot about contouring! She totally rocked all the shadows on my face and make it totally perfect. I can't believe how contouring can change everything :) I seriously need to buy Kabuki kit for contouring!

And the other thing - I normally don't use lip pencil, because my lips are very full and I don't like them to look "too big", but she showed me that with the right pencil - lips can really look nice and not too big. We used essence lip pencils, need to buy them too!

And it was all about good blending and the gel eye liner - made the final "cherry on top". I really love this makeup (haven't been so excited in a long time haha), and I can't wait to create something new with her.

With love,


P.s. Photos are not changed a bit. No light, no contrast changing - nothing. 

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