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torek, november 04, 2014

Carmex lip balm review

Writing about my new discoveries in the world of lip balms again!

I never tried this "classic" one before. But I was so curious that just had to try it - and the price is really low so that wasn't a problem. 

"It became one of my favourite lip balms. And believe me, I tried almost all lip balms you can get here in Europe".

It has really special formula, with this typical scent and menthol feeling. I really like it, you can get it in stick and tube also, so I think I will try other versions in the future - probably vanilla and mint scent too!

It stays on my lips for a long time, so I'm using it a lot of times when I go running, like this morning - it was so foggy and cold, but this lip balm was protecting my lips all the time! 

Did you tried this one already? :)


11 komentarjev:

  1. Since I remember, my lips were very dry, especially in fall. I bought this balm and I'm really pleased :)

  2. Tale je moj rešitelj v zimskem času, samo čez noč ga pustim na ustnicah in naslednje jutro niso več razpokane. Jaz bi tistega s češnjo, ampak ga ni v Sloveniji, grrrrr :/

  3. tole še morem jaz tud sprobat enkrat :)

  4. I definitely wanna try it out!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  5. Jaz sem preizkusila tistega v tubici, božanski so :)


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