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ponedeljek, oktober 20, 2014

White with sporty top

Today I'm finally showing you my casual outfit with sporty top! I totally forgot I have it, I bought it in Bershka in Frankfurt (of course) and I didn't wear it more than a year, don't ask why because it's a really nice top... 

I had really busy but nice weekend - spending some time with my girl friend and another cinema night with my love (I love movies with Liam Neeson!) and another day with my family celebrating my cousin's b-day. 

So I finally have some time to write few articles and get back to work!

I'm also a little ill, I think all the sporty activities I had during the week made me a little tired so I have to rest a little.

I hope you'll be all having an amazing Monday, wish you all happiness & positive thoughts! <3


P.s. Expect giveaway soon!

17 komentarjev:

  1. Všečna kombinacija :) dobro igra skupaj :)

  2. Super vse skupaj zgleda in pa tvoji prekrasni lasje *.*

  3. Hi Katia!Thank you for your comment on my blog! Yes, i follow and support you too! You're so cool! Love your tshirt!

    Thank you!

    Anouckinha's Closet

  4. Awesome outfit, love your shoes and top :-) xoxo


  5. so lovely :)


  6. I follow you! Mi Nick is: anouckinha's closet!


  7. Ur outfit made me say 'OMG' ;)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  8. Lepa, kot vedno! :)
    Aaah, pa tvoji lasje! <3

  9. Izgledaš super :) pa še ta frizura ti tak lepo paše :)

  10. Super kombinacija, kosa ti je predivna. :) <3

    Sada te pratim, follow back na: esfashionup.blogspot.com


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