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sreda, oktober 29, 2014

Lace with jeans

This weekend was amazing, again I have to talk about how amazing my man is - he took me to Vienna to the concert of John Legend and it's all connected with our beginning. 

When we started dating the first song we listened together was the one from John Legend so it was really nice to hear it live and John really has an amazing vocal (I went in a music school, so I know few things about that) and he is such a kind and wonderful star. He was talking about how he worked for a management company in New York and that this wasn't really a "sexy job" (his words haha) doing power point presentations all days long... And then he started to working on his career. Which happened years after that, but he did it. Now he is famous and he is doing what he likes the most.

I really liked the concert and before that we went on a typical "wienerschnitzel" and of course the chocolate cake. And wine. Ok, enough I'm so hungry! Just got back from Zumba class!

So back to my look - this lace top reminds me of Spain and that's why I added those shiny gypsy earrings.

Wish you all a wonderful evening!


I think that perfect song that goes with this outfit is Ricky Martin - Adios - lately I'm listening it non stop! Such a wonderful latino song mixed with french lyrics. 

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