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torek, avgust 12, 2014

Selfie in Amsterdam

Today I decided to post my look from Amsterdam. I love this city, it's simply one of the prettiest Europe capitals, I must say!

I was there 7 years ago with my family and now with my man, the most shocking moment was - when we found out that airplane accident happened - and we were staying really close to the Schiphol airport. Of course we went there to see flowers and things people left there... It was one of the most emotional moments on all trip. I was crying, seeing those photos and just thinking about it,... It was something really special.

But I don't want to make this post sad, so I just want to say - that I really love Amsterdam, I totally forgot how beautiful this city is and it's not so far away (1400km) so I hope I will visit it again soon!
My simple look : new top (vero moda), lipstick (makeup revolution), leopard shorts (ebay), opi nail polish.


8 komentarjev:

  1. super skombinirano, čist moj stil. na izzi, udobno in modno. :D like it.


    1. Hvala :)

      Ja na potovanju je žal treba bit bolj praktično oblečen :D

  2. Ni petk, ja. Potovanja, haha :)

    Ja, meni je res eno najlepših mest v Evropi :)

  3. Nisem vedela da si bila v Amsterdamu. Noro! Si videla blogerko Andy Torres? :D

  4. Super outfit....Všeč mi je ker je casual. Ful ti paše čop :)
    Nika's Beauty Land


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