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četrtek, avgust 21, 2014

Revolution shopping

Okay! Time to finally write this article. It was waiting for me more than a month! I had so many other things to post that I just didn't manage to take time and write this one too! (and I already have a lot of posts waiting to be publish!)

I ordered some new things from licila.si, I got a lot of things from them for review, but this is my pick!

Gorgeous pigments - lovley colors, but it's hard to use them, the package is not the best, but I like them anyway.

The pallete. I was choosing and choosing, they have so many pallets! But then I decided for this one, with natural and more dark eye shadows, perfect for my everyday makeup.

I like the quality too, for 6 euros I think it really is great.

Hm. I really wanted those lipsticks, but formula is not impressing me. They are really pigmented, but my lips are dry when I use it and some colours are totally "too much".

They made mistake at this one, I ordered different colours but anyway - they told me to keep it and they send me the right palette anyway. But I'm using this one really a lot of times, so it really works for me!

Lipsticks are great! For only 2 euros, really great! They are moisturising enough and really pigmented. Big like!

Blush is really great, but the colour is a little bit more pinky, then on the photos. But still - I will used it up, don't worry :D

Do you want me to do extra representation of some products and use it in my everyday makeup? Just let me know :)


13 komentarjev:

  1. Color of 3. lipstick is so beautiful. So bad that they make lips dry :(

    Kisses :*


    1. Yes, but the colour is lovely. Maybe I will combine it with some glosses :)

  2. Loving the lip colors :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  3. I've never actually heard of this brand, but I love the colours in that eyeshadow palette! x

  4. super stvari. :9 sem si tudi jaz pred dnevi kupila revolution paletko, božanske so. uporabne za vsak dan in super pigmentirane. :3 kmalu pokažem. :)

    super post. xoxo

  5. jst mam tud to revolution paleto...res je dobra ;)


  6. oh wow! great picks! I love everything but the palettes look amazing!
    :) xx


  7. Uau, lepo izgleda :) Nisem še slišala za to znamko, vidim, da so jo šele marca letos ustanovili :o Bo treba preizkusit kmalu! :)

  8. Jaz imam Iconic 1 in 2, obe sta neverjetni ! :)

    Če želiš si lahko ogledaš še moj blog: http://www.chocolateandotherdrugs.com/ :)

  9. Those all look Lovley!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I would love to follow eachother like you said!


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