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sreda, julij 02, 2014

Dolce vita, Italia!

One of my favourite italian songs <3 (for the background :D)

So, this was the outfit I wore on little trip to Italia. Me and my love wanted to see the city Udine a little better, do some shopping and enjoy the real Italy. 

When I travel I always wear something comfortable, because I want to see, feel and hear the country where I am. I reeeeally adore traveling. I always want to know at least 10 words in the language where I travel. So, that's how I learn a little arabic, greek, turkish...

So, there is no place for high heels on my travels - but still I'm keeping it chic.

So the striped dress and a leather vest was my combination for Italy. I never thought city Udine is so wonderful - the centre is simply gorgeous! What a shame I didn't visited it before...

Have a lovely day everyone!



6 komentarjev:

  1. Meni licno, Udine su fantasticne! Bila sam tamo protekla dva ljeta, a idemo opet sredinom jula. Svidja mi se to sto je vrlo miran grad, nije pretjerano velik, a ima odlicnu shopping ponudu! Haljinica ti je krasna, moram priznati, i bas mi je drago sto s nekim ovdje mogu pricati i na mom maternjem jeziku :)


  2. Predivan outfit , posebno haljinica . :)


  3. prekrasna haljina i odlična ideja za naučiti neki jezik :D

  4. Lovely dress! :)



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