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četrtek, julij 31, 2014

1. day - Stuttgart

Hello everyone!

I'm back! I'm always sad when I have to leave the countries where I feel like at home, but still I love returning to Slovenia. To my lovely family and friends and of course the blog!

Nothing better than this feeling! <3

So, I have many outfits, things and makeups to show you, but first you must know 3 things.

1. Outfits are quite similar. Because I didn't have so many clothes with me, so I had to combine the same pieces on a different way.

2. Outfits are comfy and casual. When I'm on a trip I'm around the city all day, museums, shopping and discovering new buildings and culture - so I have to wear something comfortable.

3. I got inspired. Big cities inspire me, that's why I went crazy few times with prints and different colors.

So, for the first day in Stuttgart I decided for this leopard dress, which is perfect for hot days - and for the Porsche museum, which was so great! I was so excited to see Carrera GT for the first time in my life and I saw 3 in one day, crazy!

Some curls and nude pink lipstick by Clarins.


P.s. Would you like to see only outfits (first) or mixed? :)

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  1. Hello, can I ask you how you make curls, because they look perfect? :))

    1. Sure!

      I'm doing my curls with Remington curling iron!

      This one (similar)



  2. Cute Dress!
    instagram @desesperofashion

  3. Hello from Spain: Great dress. Nice pics. Keep in touch

  4. Zelo fletna oblekca, ti res pase :)


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