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petek, maj 23, 2014

Liquid sand by Opi

I must say that I really didn't like those liquid nail polishes when I first saw them. But then I saw this shade on one blog, another blog... And I started to like it. A lot.

So, here it is. My first Opi Liquid sand - it was a gift from my lovely friend D. <3

Wish you all a wonderful day, I'm already off to the gym!


9 komentarjev:

  1. Hello from Spain: great. Keep in touch

  2. Wow, such a beautiful nail polish! I really want to try something from their liquid sand collection :)
    I really love your style (I saw them on lookbook) and I would love if we follow each other! Thank you for the sweet comment. Stay in touch :))

    Kali from

  3. ga imam, a v mini verziji. top lakec res. :3

  4. Your nails are perfect! Perfect length and shape :) this nail polish also looks really pretty, I've been seeing it for a while now on blogs I really have the urge to get it too, haha!


  5. Čudovit odtenek in tvoji nohti (:

  6. Some lovely photos :)
    I stay here in your list of followers, stop if you want!



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