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ponedeljek, maj 19, 2014

Just me and my boyfriend

Sunshine finally! I think I'm gonna say goodbye to my long jeans quicky and bring on my skirt and shorts <3

But this time - my favourite boyfriend Zara pants! I bought them last year, not to mention every time I wear them, they are getting more and more ripped haha :D

I must say that I'm kidna proud! Remember when I told you I will try to stay active everyday, doing some running, fitness, Zumba? Well lately I am. I'm working out everyday and I love it! It really has became a part of my day - success!

Wish u all a wonderful sunny day full of positive every!



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  1. Hi babe,

    You have such a nice blog! Love the ripped jean you're wearing!

    We are creating a bikini brand! And you can read all about on our blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?

    We are just stranting our business, but in the furute we want to work with bloggers we like... So it can be very interesting! ;)

    have a lovely monday babe!

    XOXO Ziña bikini's


  2. Amazing Zara jeans) I wish I also could work out but I'm a bit too lazy :-D

  3. Hudaaa! ^^


  4. Hello from Spain: Fabulous shirt. I like your shoes .. We keep in touch

  5. Čudovite kavbojke :)



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