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torek, april 29, 2014

Turban in the city

I love crazy prints! And loose harem pants! They are so comfy and really perfect for the summer. Those are brand new and I really could not be more happier to find that statement piece.

I combined it with my favourite blazer and turban! Since I love going for more "arabic" look, here is one of them. Mix of european and arabic culture in one outfit :)

Wish you all a wonderful day, we finally got some sun in Ljubljana! 


4 komentarji:

  1. Čudovit outfit, še posebej sta mi všeč blazer in verižica :)


  2. Love the color of your jacket! Gorgeous outfit!


  3. Zelo kul outfit!
    Ful mi je blazer vsec, v taki barvi nujno se enga rabm :)

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