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torek, april 01, 2014

Sammy sweater

I'm so glad to present you another amazing online shop! Sammy dress online shop is a store with so many things, from shoes to women's clothing and so many other things! I really like dresses, they are so chic and the prices are so low!

I was so lucky when they chose to collaborate with my blog! They send me this gorgeous sweater which I reeeeally like! I chose kinda girly outfit for presenting this sweater, all black except the sweater. 

Another model is black labrador Jack :) <3

8 komentarjev:

  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your contribution. This sweater is very cool. I like. Keep in touch

  2. fuuul fuuul lep outfit. super ti paše. :) zadnja fotka zmaga. :D

    1. Hvala :)

      Sm ga objemala in vse ampak fotke nekako niso ratale haha :D

  3. Lep pulover, krasno krilo. Všeč mi je kombinacija.

  4. great :)

  5. Malo pozno, pa vendar. Si mogoče že naročila kaj druga iz te spletne strani? :)

    1. Ni problema :)

      Nisem še, mam pa na wishlisti kar nekj stvari :)


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