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petek, april 04, 2014

Casual with lace

My yesterday's outfit! I almost forgot about this gorgeous bomber jacket I bought in Berlin. But now is the perfect time for it!

I added my skinny jeans and here it is. One of my favourite outfits for everyday.

Yesterday was a loooong but very productive day! I was studying history - well I was the teacher, for my friend that needed help. I really looove history! And for the people that think history is dull and boring - I make all those battles and wars interesting. I was helping a lot of people with instructions how to study history and why this amazing subject is so important for everyone.

So, yeah. I'm a history geek. Another thing you didn't know about me :)

Wish u all a wonderful day!

P.s. I will post photos of my third tattoo on blog soon!

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