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nedelja, marec 30, 2014

Turban and Yves Saint Laurent lips

Yesterday's outfit for a wine evening with my gorgeous friend Denise. 

As you can see, I look quite arabic. Maybe lately I didn't have so many "arabic-spanish" looks, but I feel very comfortable wearing "too much" glittery things and stuff that reminds me of my favourite countries and languages. Arabic and spanish.

Like I mentioned before in a lot of posts I really love speaking spanish - I take any chance there is to speak that lovely language. 

And since spanish language has more than 3000 words in arabic, culture in Andalusia which is brought from Marocco and gipsy-arabic music which is called - flamenco. I'm so glad those languages, style have so much in common so I can mixed it. <3

A little history why you can look arabic and spanish at the same time... :)

Pardon my english. I love speaking languages, I'm really good at it, but my writing was never perfect. But as long as you all know what I'm trying to say, it's all good. 

Besitos a todos,


P.s. I'm wearing my new Yves saint laurent lipstick that my boyfriend gave to me. I really am a lucky girl. And I could not be more grateful for you. 

9 komentarjev:

  1. lucky girl :)) ful je lep odtenek in lepo ti paše

  2. Haha a se tudi tvoj naudušuje nad kupovanjem kozmetike. Mene je kdaj kar sram, greva v DM pa glede stojala s kozmetiko in komentira, ga punce ki hodijo mimo kar čudno gledajo :D

    Je pa šminka res lepa :D

    1. Hahah, ne ne tok hudo še ni! :)

      Pozna pa essije vsa imena in seveda je najboljši pri kupovanju šmink.

      Dobr smo jih vzgojile hahah :D<3

  3. Perfect lipstick!
    Thank you for your comment!
    I follow you, hope you follow back! ;)

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  4. Lucky girl! You're looking fab! Turbans are really nice!

  5. Amazing lip color!!!

    Love Minnja


  6. hello thank u for your commet
    and OMG how u know about car=)


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