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četrtek, februar 20, 2014

New jacket

It was sunny when I took those photos, I miss sunshine :(
A girl came up to me and told me that she's reading my blog! It was for the second time somebody recognised me and actually came and say hello to me! Not to mention that girl was so pretty and had really an amazing makeup! :) Thank you! I really enjoy meeting my readers, because you know so many things about me and I don't know you.

So, I got ill again :( Really hate it. But I hope that I will get better soon, because I have so many things to shoot and blog about.

And here is my new leather jacket, I can't wait to wear it more in spring!



6 komentarjev:

  1. Jakna z New Yorkerja ali???? :)))
    sem jo gledala, hotela kupiti že nekaj tednov nazaj, pa sem si premislila. sem pa sedaj kupila eno podobno, mam na isnta fotko. :D čist nora nanjooo.

    ful lep blog in super zgledaš. xoxo

  2. To dekle sem bila pa jaz:) Hvala za komplimente, tudi ti si zelo prijazna in zeloooo luštkana! Lepo te je bilo spoznati še zares:)

    1. Vse se je zgodilo tako hitro, da še dojela nisem hehe :)

      Hvala tebi in res si prečudovita! :*

  3. super look :)


  4. great outfit, you look amazing, kisses :)



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