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sobota, februar 01, 2014

New in. Cosmetics.

If you are following me on instagram (@katjagrudnik) you are probably seen this products. I bought those 2 days ago!

I really needed new powder since my revlon is gone, so I decided to try this Maybelline mat powder, I will write a review later. 

I also could not resist new body lotion from Aveo, which is really smelling like cupcakes! <3 I love that smell, but still I know I have a lot of body lotions right now, so it was kinda "I don't need it, but I still want it" purchase. It was really cheep so, the price convinced me. 

I also said that I will not buy anymore Essence nail polishes - but that one is soooo pretty! So, I gotta have it. Swatch on blog, later.

Another surprise, was finding those AMAZING Miyo eye shadows - which are soooo pretty and looking really long lasting and the colours are with glitters just perfect. I don't know the brand so it will be reviewed on blog when I try it. I'm really excited to try those! Me and my friend Andreja we really could not leave those babies in store, they costs only around 2 euros for a shade, so the price is really really low for this high quality!

Can't wait to try all this!


7 komentarjev:

  1. Ta krema za roke zgleda mmm dobro :) hehe

  2. Hello from Spain: great beauty products. Keep in touch

  3. ravno ta lakec sem gledla učeri u dm-u :))

  4. Everything that smells like cupcakes is a must for me!!!

    You've got yourself a new follower! :)


  5. super nakup. :D mene tudi zanima tale puder, tako da kar na plan z opisom. :))
    haha, glede losjonov pa imava enak način: ne rabim a ga vseeno hočem jaaaa... le da je pri meni tako tudi z labelami, kremami za roke in laki za nohte. :D


  6. Aveo lasjon za telo je top, ga imam tudi sama in res takooo diši, cena je pa res smešno poceni (:


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