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torek, februar 25, 2014

Cowboy girl

I'm soooo happy that we have sunshine back! It really has that power and energy to make me happy!

So here is my "cowboy" really western kind of outfit. Jeans and leather. I still love my furry bag, which I bought last year and got  totally obsessed with it.

& can't wait to show you my new evening dresses, which are very classy and just amazing! Stay tuned!


5 komentarjev:

  1. fajny zestaw, ślicznie wyglądasz :)


  2. I just LOVE the color of your jacket ! :D

    If you have a second, I would greatly appreciate it if you could check my blog out : http://lorallure.blogspot.com
    You won't regret it =D


  3. Zelo si lepa :)
    Kje si pa kupila jakno in očala, če ni skrivnost? :)
    Hude stvarce! :)

  4. Love your scarf!!! is just beautiful!


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