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torek, december 31, 2013

Outfits timeline 2013

Here are almost all my outfits from 2013, it was pretty interesting year, discovering new waves of fashion and different materials and prints. So here are some of my favourites!

This year was quite big for me as a blogger I collaborated with a lot of cosmetics firms and some projects are yet to come. I was also doing my big Fall collaboration with Gvant and participated on fashion blogger contest :) 

Which one is ur favourite?

Wish u all a wonderful night! :) <3

Click on post for more pictures!

9 komentarjev:

  1. leopardja oblekica <3333 :) drugače so pa vsi super. se vidi da slediš svojemu stilu in sebi. Uživaj in lepo praznuj. xoxo

    1. :)


      Ja, drugačna ne znam bit :D Pri vsej nevoščljivosti med ljudmi in preziranju drugačnosti je to težko, ampak šteje pa ravno to :)

  2. Uuuuhhh... sem si očke spočila! Fenomenalni outfiti, imaš res super smisel za modo! :D

  3. Hello from Spain. major proposals of the year is over. Happy New Year 2014.

  4. I love it! Thank you for sharing! :)
    P.S. What do you think about following each other? I'd be really happy if you wanted to! :) Let me know.
    Happy New Year!♥

  5. I've followed you, please follow back now! :) x

  6. Zelo, zelo lepo :-) Lušen pregled si naredila, človek še kakšno dobro idejo dobi :-) ;-)


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