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ponedeljek, november 11, 2013

Printed jeans and fauxfur

Because of the bad weather I didn't have a chance to take some nice photos outside, but still I wanted to share this outfit with you guys, so here they are - photos like I had in my first posts on blog.

Wearing new jeans with aztec print and my lovely vest from faux fur, I added some heels and here is the rainy look!

I'm also a new member of Slovenian website dnevnikich.si and here is my first article http://www.dnevnikich.si/zgodba.php?n=ljubljanska-premiera-filma-hocem-ziveti :)

Have a nice day everyone

2 komentarja:

  1. fuuul dober outfit. :D obožujem te krznene brezrokavnike, si moram tudi sama enega umislit. :D

  2. Awesome combination! :)


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