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petek, november 29, 2013

Favorite perfumes

Some of my favourite perfumes
Lately I love to use my Lacoste - Love of Pink, which is kinda summer perfume - but still perfect, so light and fresh.

My favourite perfume of all the time is Dolce and Gabbana THE ONE - I'm using it for 5 years and it really stays on my skin all day and all the clothes smells like The one.

And I can't go a week without using at least one of the perfumes from Christina, I just love all of them! :)

Wish u all a great and awesome day!

Dnevni kich - Bazaar see you tomorrow here!

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your selection of perfumes. ;My prefer is Dolce y Gabbana THE ONE. Keep in touch

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  3. I haven't tried any of this ones yet...
    I follow you and hope you follow me back,

  4. I love Davidoff Cool Water <3
    I follow you :3 Follow back?


  5. The one, večno na moji WL. Mogoče, naslednjič :)


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