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ponedeljek, september 09, 2013

Going Vintage

Going vintage!
Today I will write in english, after a very long time. I just got used to express myself in Slovenian language properly, because when I speak I mix a lot of different languages perhaps : english, slovenian, bosnian, spanish and we could go on!

So, today english. I'm wearing my new vintage sweater which I bought for funny price in the center of Ljubljana and my Zara slim pants. 

I like this look, it's kinda vintage-modern at once.


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  1. Kul puloverček, pa čevlji so mi ful ušeč :)) In takšno 'spike' srebrno zapestnico sem ravno danes dobila v nabiralniku! :)

    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

  2. Hello from Spain: this sweater is fabulous. I really like your bag. Your English is very good. You're lucky that you know many languages. Keep in touch

  3. Super si in tale puloverček mi je res zelo všeč. (:

  4. Cute outfit Katja

    We've just followed you, hope you come
    check out our new site especially dedicated to fashion/beauty bloggers.

  5. Meni je pa torbica top. Sicer pa je cel outfit zelo všečen. :)


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