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četrtek, julij 18, 2013

IG photos July

1. One of my outfits last year
2. When a friend brings you burek. Thank you Anaja!

 3. My everything.
4. Relaxing by the river Kopla (koupa)

5. Outfit - new sweater
6. Essie mint candy apple with glitters
 7. Cooking for my love - tuna pasta
8. New haircut

9. 30% of my jewerly haha
10. Kisses for my readers!!! :*

Tomorrow I'm flying to... 

3 komentarji:

  1. uuu lepo si se postrigla :) like it

  2. wauu :D črna oblekca s čipkami, kje si jo kupila

  3. Imaš pa zelo veliko nakita če je to samo 30% :P Imaš dovolj prostora?


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