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petek, marec 15, 2013

New in. Super leopard with dots!

New in my closet.
As you can see in my previous post - I wore the "dots" top already! I just couldn't resist it!

I also got new leopard print top - classic one, but with some necklaces it will look awesome!

And... Superman case, because I'm a superwomen, hah, I need some motivation for studying and all the things I do beside my Law school - blogging, working as Zumba instructor and all my hobbies.




3 komentarji:

  1. To je ta majčka, ki si jo imela oblečeno pri outfitu? Super lepa je. In leopardja tudi. :D

    xoxo, Nina

  2. super! love the supermen i phone case!

    enter the gw http://lifestylenotesbyaf.blogspot.com/2013/03/firmoo-glesses-big-international.html and win glasses

  3. A te lahko samo uprašam, zakaj objavlaš stvari k so 1.Grde, 2.K tut če niso lih tok grde, povsem vsakdanje. Pač zakaj !?!?! Koga briga da si kupš lak za nohte za 3 evre. Woman put yourself TOGETHER !


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