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ponedeljek, februar 04, 2013

New in !

Que pasa chicas?!
Today I was at University after a long time, and I must say I could not get out of my bed! Waking up early - not a thing for me!

I had some funny conversations with my friends that make me laugh so much! Thanks for that Andreja! :)

And ofcourse, lovely lunch with my favorite one <3

Now? Studying and Zumba.

- got these new things last week, forgot to post it here! I love them all, you could see top in my previous post!

Love, Katja :*

2 komentarja:

  1. Love the tees!!! Cool!

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    Win a pair of glasses and a 30 dollar voucher!!

  2. vse tri stvari so super. MB raztura! :)

    xoxo, Nina


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