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petek, januar 11, 2013


Full of colors!
Hey you there! Today I had a strange day. Woke up - so sleepy. Then, all the rush in the university and boring class. 

But then the sun came up and I had an amazing lunch with my baby. Gosh, that boy really makes me happy!

Wearing new Zara sweater and my ebay necklace - which I love so much!

4 komentarji:

  1. verižica je ful lepa. :D

    xoxo., Nina

    1. Zvesta komentatorka, joj morm si še jaz malo čas vzet pa tvoj blogec pokomentirat. Redno spremljam, tudi če ni komentarjev! :)

      Hvala !

  2. You look great, love the simplicity of your outfit & the color looks fab on you!


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